1. WITNESSES: All witnesses must be event non-participants, age 21 or over, of good moral character, and appointed by the member as follows: Prize limits to $99,999 two witnesses; $100,000 to $249,999 two witnesses one of which is a PGA Certified Golf Professional; $250,000 and above require a PGA Certified Golf Professional and a video tape of all eligible shots by a second witness. One witness must be at the tee box and the other witness must be at the green. The witnesses must be positioned in a manner so that they can see the striking of the ball and the flight of the ball. In the case of a Hole-in-1, the witnesses must personally verify (a) that the player took only one stroke, (b) that the hole was empty prior to the stroke and (c) that the ball went into the hole. TSI Sports may require: (a) that the witnesses be approved by TSI Sports and/or (b) that witnesses sign a statement stating that they understand the Conditions of the Hole-in-1 Agreement.

2. YARDAGE: The target hole(s) must measure from teeing ground to hole no less than the specified yards. In this Agreement, the terms teeing ground and hole are used as defined in The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA). In the case the target hole yardage is less than 135 yards no claim will be paid for that hole. In case there is a Hole-in-1 on a hole that is at least 135 yards long and the yardage is understated by more than one (1) yard, the payoff will be reduced by 10% + 2% per understated yard. In a tournament where men are at least 50% of the competitors, amateur women are permitted to use a teeing ground that is a 15 yards shorter than the specified yards, but no less than 135 yards from the hole. In a tournament where women are more than 50% of the competitors, the women’s yardage must be specified.

3. ELIGIBILITY: A Hole-in-1 must occur by a competitor who officially qualified and registered prior to the start of the tournament. Competitors must be correctly designation as Amateurs, Club Pros or Tour Pros. Amateurs are as defined in The Rules of Golf (Rules of Amateur Status) as
approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Club pros are those competitors who are not Amateurs and who have not participated in a professional golf tour event in the five years prior to the tournament. Touring Pros or Tour Pros are all other competitors who are not amateurs.

4. STROKES: Strokes as used in the Specifications means number of strokes as defined in The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA). The number of strokes must be specified for each category of players. Only one (1) stroke per player per target hole per day is permitted. No practice strokes or mulligans on a target hole are permitted on the day of the Hole-in-1 competition. Each category of authorized number of strokes is permitted only during the stipulated round(s) of the named tournament on the date(s) specified.

5. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY (NO PRIZE RESET): Only one (1) Hole-in-1 prize will be paid for the target hole(s) as specified herein. The prizes are a Two Year Lease on the following vehicles. 2018 Mazda CX-5 Touring, 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, 2018 Kia Optima SXL, 2018 Ford Focus. The prize is not reset after the first Hole-in-1 on that hole during the stipulated round(s) of the named tournament on the date(s) specified. The designated prize value, including any limitations noted in the Specifications and Section D-16(c), is the total maximum limitation of liability per target hole per event.

6. TARGET HOLE: Only one (1) pre-designated hole cup may be used for each target hole. The target hole must meet USGA regulations. On nine-hole courses it will be conclusively presumed a golfer is competing for the prize only the first time he plays a designated target hole. That is, on 9-hole courses if the hole number 9 on the course is designated as a target hole, TSI Sports will not reimburse any prize unless a Hole-in-1 is made the first time hole 9 is played, notwithstanding that the same hole and green are also used a second time around the course.

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